Many thanks to those women reading this right now because you have taken the “Cycling apparel options and fit” survey and are wondering, “what the heck did they do with my information?”

Several months back I went to purchase a pair of jeans. As you may know, jeans have gotten spendy (particularly those made in the US). I have a phobia of filling our landfills with crappy clothing that falls apart weeks after purchase, buying stuff that sends tons of carbon into the atmosphere, hate spending precious weekend time shopping and have a limited budget. For this reason, buying a nice pair of jeans is an event, and I expect them to last many years and fit well.

I tried on a variety of brands and found a consistent issue with the sizing across the brands. My legs and butt have gotten bigger in relation to my stomach from riding the hills of Durham, North Carolina on my steel framed bike. For this reason, I needed to size up for my legs but size down for my stomach. I zeroed in on a pair of Raleigh Denim jeans (US made by real people with high quality denim and classic detailing) and ended up spending well above the already high price of the jeans to get the larger size taken in.

Initially I though this was just a me issue. Then I talked with a bunch of my bike lady friends and found out that lots of women have issues with sizing for both their bike and non-bike apparel. This got me to thinking: What if sizing was informed by real women who bike? (My definition of a “real women”: 1. A woman who identifies as a woman; 2. Not a corporate caricature.)

I got connected with an awesome designer out of Portland, Deann Garcia, who had just this thought and was already working on a survey. Together we are spreading the survey far and wide so that women of all shapes, sizes, geographic locations, and biking styles can contribute to better sizing for women’s apparel. We will make the findings available in late May or early June to anyone who is interested in making better fitting apparel for the biking woman. Spread the survey far and wide!

Link to survey:

The more women who participate, the greater likelihood the fit findings will represent YOU.   


  1. Hi Reid ~ I take action immediately with projects I can relate & believe in. Is it ok if I post your Survey reach on my LinkedIn... I have many many Women & Men connection colleagues that biking is a part of their daily lives in their communities. It should bring you credible value in the research your looking to acquire and also get your name & venture out there in my circle
    of respected professionals. All the Best ~ always, Richard | RAM Creative ///////NEW YORK

  2. That would be great, Richard. Thanks so much for thinking of it. Just returned to Durham. NYC trip was a success. It was great meeting you. Planning to showcase the Kickstarter line in Brooklyn later in the summer. Hope you will be around for it. Thanks again!

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