The time has come for me to say that I will not raise the $60K needed to meet my Kickstarter goal. Although I was not able to meet this goal, Kickstarter allowed me to get the word out, confirm that people love the line as much as I do, and meet and learn about the individuals who are thrilled that REID MILLER Apparel is on its way. 

Would it have been easier if the money was ready to go and I could just push go? Certainly. But in my experience no adventure in life worth doing is easy. That said, in the last two weeks of the campaign, word spread well past my networks, with many new supporters expressing interest in REID MILLER Apparel. TinLizzieRidesAgain, an iconic biking woman in DC, put together two great blog pieces on REID MILLER Apparel before and after attending the DC tour event at BicycleSPACE. Please check them out and share them with your friends (it is interesting to compare the two). 

TinLizzieRidesAgain: "In Which I Try on Reid Miller Apparel". Aug 17th. 

TinLizzieRidesAgain: “In Which I Try on Reid Miller Apparel”. Aug 17th. 

TinLizzieRidesAgain: "ICYMI Reid Miller Apparel on Kickstarter". July 30th. 

TinLizzieRidesAgain: “ICYMI Reid Miller Apparel on Kickstarter”. July 30th. 

TinLizzie’s piece drew tons of women to the event, which confirmed that yes – women and cycling is a REAL movement. I listened to two women at the event share with a third woman, new to biking, what they love about bike commuting: feeling powerful, free, and joyful. I realized that my work on REID MILLER Apparel is as much about getting more women biking as it is the clothing. More on this to come… 

What’s next? I will be moving forward with a limited initial line to ensure that the women who love REID MILLER Apparel will be able to wear and love the first items in the line. Please sign up here for the newsletter to stay up-to-date on my progress and receive information to place your pre-orders (unfortunately I am not able to roll-over any email or pre-order information from the Kickstarter page). To thank you for your continued support, I am offering 5% off the Kickstarter price for each piece in the line, giving you the money I would have given Kickstarter. 

Lastly, but definitely not least, thank you VERY much for your support. Your help goes way beyond the money you were willing to put forward. You came out to my events, hosted me at your homes and businesses, helped me haul around my bags, lent me bicycles, sent kind, encouraging words, talked to your friends about me, urged them to support me, and spent more time than you would like sending emails (who doesn’t hate sending emails?). I am so blessed to have your support. THANK YOU. 

Please continue to spread the word, follow along on the blog, sign up for updates, and keep in touch on social media:

Instagram: reidmillerapparel

Twitter: @ReidApparel

Thanks again for all your support to help me take REID MILLER Apparel to the next level. 

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