Sunday evening, as I was getting ready for bed, I felt a distinct chill in the air. Like a kid anticipating Christmas morning coming in the form of fall in mid-September I thought “Oh my god. I can wear my jacket tomorrow!” True the temperature was edging its way back up to summer weather on my ride to work, but I was elated nonetheless. So breathable. Zipper pockets everywhere. Mid-ride I realized that I needed to relocate my cellphone from my bag into the back pocket of my blazer so I could take lots of photos on my ride. So easy to stop and snap some shots.

When I got to my co-working space I realized: no more balancing keys on my notebook as I go in and out of doors and up and down elevators. My keys went straight into the front zipper pockets. To be sure, pockets have been around forever, yet on women’s garments the pockets are often removed and replaced with fake pockets. I HATE FAKE POCKETS. More times than I can count I’ve jammed my fingers into the seams of a fake pocket in disbelief, thinking, “Why would someone do such a thing?”

photo (38).JPG

The pocket is so basic but gives me so much pleasure – likely because of how scarce good pockets are on woman’s garments (do men take them for granted I wonder?). Indeed I imagine the jacket was likely invented to keep you warm AND to carry things. Why on Earth not? So this week I have been in awe of the simple, basic features AND style on my Riding Jacket; the durable, beautiful, warm and breathable Harris Tweed fabric that holds things while maintaining beautiful, feminine lines. Oh my, I’m in love. Can’t wait to share this with you.
Strong feelings about pockets or functional women’s wear? Please your comments.

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