Point Reyes, California over the holidays. Though it seems impossible, this view was even better in person.

Point Reyes, California over the holidays. Though it seems impossible, this view was even better in person.

Happy New Year lovely friends and supporters! I thought I’d take the opportunity at this significant mile marker of time to recap where REID MILLER Apparel has been and where it is going. If you have been following along since the Kickstarter you have probably noticed the natural evolution of the brand as I develop it and realize the essence of the creative passion behind REID MILLER Apparel.
I started off with the goal of designing stylish, wardrobe staples that you could bike in. The bike was what inspired me to dust off my passion for fashion design and create. I was really freakin tired of the trade off between super restricting polished attire and dowdy outdoor gear. I was also certain that style, movement, and durability were all possible in the same garments.
2 things have happened since I began building REID MILLER Apparel. The first is that I realized that marketing a product is a conversation. What I learned as I talked to women around the country (biking and non-biking ladies) on the Kickstarter tour and over the past few months is that the women who love the Riding Jacket and Riding Denim are not necessarily biking woman. Instead they are connoisseurs of quality products who love the idea of being able to sport polished looking clothing in their active daily lives. The biking features were a bonus; another liberating lifestyle quality the apparel offers them.

The 2nd thing I learned was that biking is one piece of the creative inspiration behind REID MILLER Apparel and not the whole kit and caboodle. You may have noticed the onslaught of newsletter topics on feminism, strong inspirational women, body image and confidence, living sustainably and creatively. The response from my supporters mirrored what I was experiencing growing REID MILLER Apparel: the things that are beautiful about this work are much more multidimensional than I imagined.
What next? As I work ahead on REID MILLER Apparel I am reimaging a woman’s role in society as I grow my work. I imagine a line of clothing that is thoughtfully designed, dignified and allows women to feel their power. The image of what they wear and how they present themself reflects a view of their femininity that they choose rather than is imposed on them. What I want to present is style, power, creativity and a dignified, feminine sensuality. Take this image and set the standard for design, materials and manufacturing to be that you have to be able to really live in the clothes: walk, bike, create, work – oh and what the hell – DANCE. Clothing that allows us to take up space and really live to the fullest capacity of our extremities.
So this is where I am going. And the increasingly patient, diligent business woman in me realizes that this is a HUGE goal. I have made a modest start with two items, that were – thank GOD – a beautiful beginning to this journey. It is going to be a long one. I am very appreciative of your support. Stay tuned for a year packed with more adventures and interesting twists and turns for REID MILLER Apparel! 

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