I am obsessed with wool. The depth of my love for this crazy strong, beautiful fiber grows by the week. I have to confess, some days I fantasize about running away to become a shepherd. Ascending and descending vast mountains with a herd of sheep and only books and wool to keep me company. For various reasons (the love of little comforts like interesting food, beverages, biking and the company of people) this is not actually a dream I will pursuit anytime soon. But in the meantime, my manfriend, Drew and I were blessed enough to be asked to, what I call “sheep sit” for their farm. What this entails is getting up before 8am on the weekend (!), driving out to their farm, and feeding the sheep, donkeys, and a huge number of ducks and chickens.

The highlight by far is definitely the sheep. Drew loves Dave the sheep and I love Corva the sheep. The first time we visited I was astounded at what huge personalities they have. Dave trots through life very assured with what he wants, blissfully unaware of how hilarious he is as he gets feisty and irritated and then aggressively friendly. He has a gusto for life, especially around food, and therefore is a fairly large mass of while wool. The first day we met him he came running across the pasture to greet us at full speed, taking a running leap – four hooves leaving the ground and propelling him forward over the creek, meeting the ground and continuing at full speed towards us. The donkeys find him extremely annoying but Drew absolutely adores him. The first morning we came to feed the group, Drew thought it would be funny to run around the pasture with the food. For the animals, our 7:45 arrival was attune to eating breakfast a noon. Dave was extremely hangry (hungry + angry) – which I could quite easily relate to.

Drew starts running around the pasture and Dave took off after him, running and bucking hangrily. His whole body said “You’ve got to be kidding, you asshole. Bring it back! Put the f-ing food down for god sakes!” Round and around Drew runs with Dave tailing him, followed closely by the donkeys and Corva. Absolutely hilarious, though I don’t think Dave enjoyed the joke quite as much.
Corva, on the other had is extremely kind, cuddly yet also quite willful. She is a beautiful brownish-black sheep. She is elegant and takes her place among the donkeys with grace. She loves to have her head scratched. I love Corva.

In addition to the love and joy we feel spending time with Dave and Corva, it has been a priceless opportunity for me to connect with the animals I have to thank for my work and inspiration from wool. Through wool we are connected to an old way of life, where people are deeply connected to the land. The strength and durability of wool provide us with the opportunity to cherish simple, beautiful garments that support our lives as we find ways to celebrate the beauty of the outdoors in our everyday lives.
Be the change Dave and Corva! Be the change!

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