Can you feel the winds of change on International Women's Day?

Can you feel the winds of change on International Women’s Day?

I am writing with a short letter this week because I am home visiting my family in California to take care of my dad who broke lots of bones in a bike accident (don’t worry, he is fine). I wanted to send a short note to you in celebration of Women’s Day.
Change is in the air. Can you feel it? Can you see it? A transformation is taking place for women pushing us towards an authentic expression of power. I have been introspecting on this as my work has pushed me to redefine and push past old definitions of what I might possibly achieve with my life. I am working on discarding old limitations so that my resulting work is revolutionary and honors the beautiful ideas I’ve been working on.
Last night I watched Oprah’s interview with Stephen Colbert. Her confidence and self-assurance, going deep down into her soul was inspirational beyond words. One of the challenges with growing up in a generation where there were not so many women leaders is that it has been hard to answer the question: What does women’s power look like? Last night I got an answer:

Click above to watch the clip!

Click above to watch the clip!

Have a beautiful day honoring your own true expression of power. This is arguably the most important work you can do for yourself and the world.
With gratitude,

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