Riding Jacket photo by Maria Brubeck

Riding Jacket photo by Maria Brubeck

The muslin Riding Jacket prototypes for the five beta client women are on their way to Durham! Yes this is months later than we expected, but we are thrilled to get to finally see how the process is working! We will be scheduling the professional fittings over the next few weeks and will report back with the results!!
This week I wanted to share a bit of wisdom from the drag star RuPaul. While I was home I read an interview with him and Oprah in a series from the Oprah Magazine on redefining yourself. There were a few things I took away from this interview. RuPaul and Oprah seemed to agree that our deepest purpose in life is to learn to love ourselves fully, and to experience life on this planet to its fullest through the truest expression of ourselves. (I would add that sharing that experience with the world is also important.)

Oprah interview with RuPaul on SuperSOUL Conversations  here

Oprah interview with RuPaul on SuperSOUL Conversations here

My ears perked up with RuPaul’s interesting twist on a morning dressing routine that we often don’t think too much about. RuPaul says we get out of the shower and, in putting on our own form of a drag costume, we control how people see us. (We all have a costume, whether or not we consider it so, and that affects how we see ourselves and others see us.) So why not use that to our advantage? – RuPaul asks.
I was reflecting on what I want to present with my costume: I want to be seen as strong, wise, feminine, in motion, in harmony with nature, in harmony with myself, working hard creating change with others. Pragmatically – I must be able to move in it, it’s got to have the right features and fabric to support my life, but also must be consistent with the fullest expression of myself. This is not a small or restricted woman, this woman does not limp along in high heels. I seek to neither conceal nor exploit my femininity.
The story I am telling is about a woman making change. Having courage. Putting herself out there. Being in motion and finding her place to lead novel work that seeks to change an industry so that women’s needs are met. So that they can lead a life where their professional uniform allows them full expression of their power.
What would your costume be?

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