If you look closely, you will see a baby aloe plant

If you look closely, you will see a baby aloe plant

Two weeks and counting until summer camp, a chance to make a pattern for my dream uniform, or in my case immerse myself entirely in the blouse project: a beautiful, simple, stylish and professional blouse that fits perfectly. I have been obsessing about this work, wondering if I am as far as I should be for pattern camp. It has not been easy to make time for preparation while I transition to my full time job. I have had to be kind to myself. And I realized that I have been in transition for so long.  So many of us are in transition right now, from an old way of living or being, old thinking, to a new way of being in the world. Maybe you, like me, have been in transition for so long that you forget about the times when life had more of a routine to it. Where you could settle into your schedule and hold space for your best creative work.

But the transition to the full time office job is where I’m at, and it has me pretty wiped in the evenings. Transitions will do that. And there is part of me that wants to get pissed at myself for not making more time for sewing right now. Pattern camp is almost here! And then the other part, the wiser part, realizes that I have to surrender to where I am right now: in another big transition. Pattern camp is timed exactly when it should be, and so is my transition to my new job. Flow with it. Do what you can before you get there, and know that it is exactly as it should be.

Over the weekend we replanted baby aloe plants that had grown underneath our big mama aloe. We took a tiny little aloe plant and put it in a big, terra cotta pot. I looked at that little aloe plant and realized that this is exactly how I feel right now about my business. Like a tiny little allow plant in a giant pot. I am on the precipice of learning so many things to grow into my role of leading an innovative womenswear company. All of the sudden it seems that my pot has formed, I have people to help me, a place to work and next steps. I have ample space to grow into and I am being called to start growing into it now. In the preparation for my pattern making camp I realize how much I have to learn. Blouses have so many components, each with their own fit and styling issues to consider.

Identifying a beautiful, classic, professional women’s blouse is no small task. But I am up to it. I find solidarity with this little aloe plant with big shoes to fill. We have transitioned to this new playing field and we are ready for it. We humbly accept the next adventure to do something great with this life.

I know so many of us are in transition right now. I write in solidarity with your transitions if you are still “in it”.  We are making the space, building our pot to have the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and reshape our world to one with more beauty, harmony with each other and nature, where we can work every day with the belief that a win for you is a win for me is a win for Mother Earth.

Go, fight, win

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