Photo by  Katie Smith  on  Unsplash

Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

I have been marveling at the intensity of these times. Last week in the Weekly Letter I focused on juggling work schedules, but then there is everything else. A friend sent me this quote:


I want to talk for a moment about how difficult it is to just accomplish the basics in our lives these days without getting exposed to toxic chemicals or poisoning our bodies. Many of us are working long hours. I have found that I am in a stage with this work where I can’t really afford to eat crappy food, or not get enough sleep, or not get exercise and meditate. When I do, the stresses come crashing down.

But I’d like us to recognize the fact that it is not easy to nourish ourselves with healthy food each day. It is not easy to do this while also taking more time still to care for our body and mind through meditation and exercise.

We have major societal influences turning a wheel that works against us: many of us work long hours in 1 or 2+ jobs, there are plenty of good reasons to be stressed out about our own lives and the world around us, the food and beverage companies specially design food that we crave when we are stressed and become addicted to, this food is cheaper and faster than anything else available to us.

Most of us cannot eat this food without being on an endless cycle of stress and wipeout, that sucks the vitality from our daily lives and leads to major, potentially life threatening diseases.

An increasing number of us are recognizing this and getting on the healthy living bandwagon, but it is no small matter. There are the few that can afford to purchase pre-prepared healthy food on a regular basis. I am not one of those people. Instead I spend a decent share of each week making healthy meals, coming up with strategies to make big batches of stuff to sustain my partner and I throughout the week (he does the dishes). Though I enjoy cooking, it is a lot.

I’d like to take a moment to honor how freakin hard it is. To say that it is OK if you, like me, feel like it is a lot. It IS a lot. We are individuals battling against the grain. But more and more of us are doing it. If you have a moment to get quiet and look around you, you will notice that the economy IS responding. More organics, more food storage solutions that don’t involve micro plastics in our food, better non-toxic cleaning options. We WILL hit a tipping point where it gets easier. Until we get there, let us support each other. Let us recognize that it is not an easy time. And let us find our way to our breath and peace in each moment.

This is not an excuse to constantly think about how stressed out or busy we are. Rather, I am promoting the opposite. Recognize that it is a lot, that our plates are very full and then find our way back to our breath. Surrender to where we are at.

Mostly this involves not letting our mind interfere with the moment we are living in. I realize I have no choice but to practice coming back to this moment and my breath no matter where I am in my marathon. Only this moment. Just show up. Only this breath.

Go. Fight. Win.

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