We have come to the end of the year. We exceeded our goal and have 11 founders in the Founder’s Circle and counting. Thank you to all those joining us for the Founder’s Circle and to all those who have supported us along the way. As we finished our process of enrolling founders we got to think about how to provide a beautiful, unique experience at each step of the process from the measurement kits to the virtual measurement consultations to how to bring some of the feel of the garment making process to the founder’s muslin blouses, to the final Boss Blouses. The work itself is the reward. We’ve earned it.

I am thinking these days about growth. It has been a year of tremendous growth, exhausting excruciating, aching growth. Week after week of this big hard lesson and then that one. And I don’t feel that I’m alone in this. I can feel the collective fatigue from a long year.

Growth is painful, it is fatiguing – 2021 felt like one continuous growing pain, punctuated by brief respites where I looked down the mountain and fought off vertigo. After each lesson I could feel myself climbing higher and now I look back over the year – we have two apprentices, we are moving into a new workshop space, we’ve started sewing blouses, we have 11 and counting Founder’s Circle women, and tremendous community support and I feel very proud of how far we’ve climbed despite how exhausting, how painful, how incredibly uncomfortable and nerve wracking. I’m here. And you are here with me. We made it.

I will keep this one short today. We are all so busy these days. But please take time to celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come this year. How much stronger, tougher, more resilient, compassionate and open hearted you are. Well who knows where you grew – but grow you did. What feels different? I can feel my branches spreading wide – reaching women – clients and collaborators across this large country of ours. What do you feel? How much more growth is possible now that we’ve buried our roots deep into the ground? I look forward to seeing it all unfold in 2022 – seeing where our collective strength takes us. Get some rest! You deserve it. Next year is going to be awesome.

I wish you a beautiful, restful, light filled holiday. I wish you inspiration in the quiet restful spaces of winter. I wish you a solid reboot.

Thank you for all your support.

Go, fight, win.


P.S. – No Weekly Letter next week. I will pick it up again in January.