Wardrobe staples for the active woman 

Inspired by the bicycle, we make apparel that is classic, yet innovative – beautiful design working together with movement enabling utility. We bring together old school tailoring techniques, the highest-quality materials and the latest apparel technology to inform fit and performance.

What makes our clothing beautiful? Well, you do. We believe that apparel is best when it frees us to focus our energy on what is most meaningful: our love, our relationships, our creativity, our life’s work. Our clothing should not limit us. This means that it fits and flatters our form, it moves and breathes, is high quality and durable, is timeless, requires minimal, eco-friendly maintenance, and has features that meet our basic needs.  With some concerted feminine energy we can and will improve on what exists. 

“The aspiration for my line: for women to own their power, and, in doing so, lead us to a better future” – Reid


Can we make better fitting womenswear and promote U.S. manufacturing?

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OUR iFundWomen CAMPAIGN for Custom-Made Womenswear is LIVE

                                   “The aspiration for my line: for women to own their power, and,                                                                                in doing so, lead us to a better future” – Reid



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Reid’s story

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I am a woman who had a problem with my clothing. After bike commuting for many years I realized that professional clothing was too limiting for the modern women. Professional womenswear lacks basic features (like pockets), does not move and breath with the body, and is not sufficiently high quality to withstand our day-to-day activities. I brought my childhood dream of being a fashion designer to bear on this problem and created a line of women’s apparel to address it.

I used classic tailoring and naturally high performing materials like wool tweed to remedy the problem, modeling my designs off of equestrian attire and other old-school sportswear. 

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Weekly Letter

Photography courtesy of Maria Brubeck