Over the weekend I was reflecting on our dreams – the dreams we are called towards in our heart. For me this includes learning how to make the patterns, and the garments for the designs that come to me and pester me until I’ve learned how to create them. During a particularly frustrating day – having gotten totally turned around on a neckline adjustment, I had to remind myself of a truth that I know but struggle with – we do not have dreams in our hearts that we are not capable of achieving.

And yet I was marveling at how my dream requires me to learn something, pattern making and advanced sewing techniques, that requires so so much patience and stellar organizational skills – two things that I have to work very hard at to achieve. In other words – I have a dream that requires me to overcome major personal obstacles to achieve it.

But I think it is important to remember that, no matter the personal obstacles you face- a dream in our heart is achievable. I wanted to share this with you on a winter’s day in West Virginia, when we may be staring down a new year. Perhaps all of our dreams require each of us to face major personal obstacles. Perhaps that is what makes them – the process and the products they produce – more interesting.

I am sending you love and support for your dream endeavors – particularly on the dark winter days when progress seems abysmal and the obstacles surround you like an ocean. We are all in this together. We all experience this. And nonetheless we must continue forward shining our lights together, burning them brighter and brighter.

Go, fight, win.