As I begin to wind down the Founder’s Circle work I’ve given myself permission to follow my excitement when it comes to my sewing and design work – encouraged by Rick Rubin’s book The Creative Act: A Way of Being. This past week that excitement landed me on an unexpected path – designing a blouse for an older woman’s body.

I have been thinking about older women these days. Next year I turn 40: the year the mammograms start. I’ve always loved older women – I’ve latched onto older women since I was a young girl. They are still somehow (even in 2023) not included in popular culture – like they are some remote tribe of people that is difficult for the cameras to reach – and not just women who have grown old. They have this intense wisdom to share, which is made mysterious by the fact that you must seek these people out in person for the same reason as above – they are conspicuously absent from our culture.

And lately I’ve been thinking about this as it relates to blouses. My 94 year old great aunt, who was very close to my mother, wrote me in response to the blouse design I shared last week. She shared the struggles she has had finding anything at all that fits her – any designs that take her body into account. Like the absence of older women from popular culture – apparently designers mostly wouldn’t dream of designing something for the older woman. I know there are a few exceptions to this so mostly I am speaking about general observations I’ve had of the fashion industry.

So I’ve offered to design and make my great aunt a blouse specifically for her body. I could not be more excited for this endeavor. More on this to come.

I am wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday season.

Go, fight, win.