Last month I sewed up the final muslin and shipped out the last two muslin samples that need fittings prior to sending the final six blouses to production. Sew Co. is also working on making a sample with their home sewing partner so that we can make sure that the patterns and production all make sense to everyone.

Slowly, very slowly I am emerging out from underneath what has been unexpectedly a MUCH larger effort of digitally altering, fitting and sewing up 11 custom blouses. Also unexpectedly was how achievable remote custom fitting proved to be, while the sourcing of the high quality sewing was so much more challenging than I had ever imagined.

As I begin to check off final tasks for this project, I have begun to have the space to think about the near future of this work. Last month I finished my first new blouse design in nearly 2 years (see photos below).

I plan to take this work back to the studio for a while, develop some new designs and collaborate with other makers in West Virginia and beyond. By the spring I hope to have a few designs that I can naturally dye to play around with natural colors for the blouses. I will continue to write on my weekly letter here about creativity, entrepreneurship and whatever else I’m learning.

The hope is that the larger efforts I am collaborating on in West Virginia to train sewers across the state and to invest in natural dyes will eventually come full circle and provide an avenue to reach customers with my studio work and studio work from designers and makers throughout the region.

Thank you so much for your support.

Go, fight, win.