I have not written you in a few weeks now. I will be honest and let you know that we are dealing with multiple fronts of serious health issues in my family. Cancer with a big C. I debate whether to write you about this. Is this too much? Will you think me incapable of continuing to steward this complex and demanding dream? And then I stop and think about it… how many of us have been rocked by family crisis this year? Most of us? What do we gain by marching forward like these crisis don’t leave us exhausted, shaken up, but also with a new perspective and a sense of surrendering to some higher power. When our businesses are our side gig and our evenings become places to gather ourselves after a rocky day, find a place to reboot, or talk to a family member there is less time for the large lists of todos that are a constant for a business owner.

Yet we also become stronger, more focused. More grateful. We build stronger relationships in our personal and business lives. We gain perspective. Perhaps we become more grateful for where we are – building an apprenticeship program and process that will support the 100 Blouses project. On the eve of sewing up blouses for my friends, loved ones and supporters to create something groundbreaking in my community – a made to measure womenswear project that supports jobs in my community. We realize that days are precious. That our time is precious. That family and friends make life possible – all the hardships nestled into moments of joy with our loved ones. I am grateful for a wildly supportive team at my day job – through a year plus that continues to rock me.

But does anyone else feel like this rocking is rocking us awake? Alive? If we were moving through life in a state of distraction, in a state of living in the past or future, perhaps we are waking up together. I am cheering you on through those life events that are rocking you awake. I am so grateful for your continued support to bring this dream alive.

Go, fight, win.