Riding Jacket: Made to Measure

Did you know that better fit means better performance? We are embarking on a novel adventure in apparel: U.S. made to measure wardrobe staples for women. Our first garment: the Riding Jacket. 

Advances in apparel technology are such that made to measure manufacturing is far more efficient and affordable than previously. A whole range of men’s apparel companies use this technology, yet made to measure for women is a rarity and no women’s apparel company to our knowledge is fully utilizing the technology.

Lest you think that we are a company of robots – our model is to leverage these advances to provide high quality U.S.-based sewing jobs–craftspeople and technology working together to create something that has not been previously possible for all but the elite few.  

We are on track for a limited release of the made to measure Riding Jacket for Fall of 2017.

Can we make better fitting womenswear and promote U.S. manufacturing?

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We are proud to be embarking on this women’s made to measure adventure here in North Carolina in what was once the epicenter of apparel and textile manufacturing in the U.S.A. Our work at the cutting edge of women’s apparel is only possible due to the collaborative efforts of top local partners in the industry including digital pattern specialists, manufacturing innovators, fit researches, and, of course, our manufacturing partner: Western North Carolina Sewing Company, aka Sew Co.

Sew Co.–Hendersonville, NC; photo courtesy of Sew Co.

Sew Co.–Hendersonville, NC; photo courtesy of Sew Co.

Photography @ top courtesy of Maria Brubeck