Riding Jacket: Made to Measure

Did you know that better fit means better performance? We are embarking on a novel adventure in apparel: U.S. made to measure wardrobe staples for women. Our first garment: the Riding Jacket. 

Advances in apparel technology are such that made to measure manufacturing is now far more efficient and accessible than it has been traditionally. A whole range of men’s apparel companies use this technology, yet made to measure for women is a rarity and no women’s apparel company to our knowledge is fully utilizing the technology.

Lest you think that we are a company of robots – our model is to leverage these advances to provide high quality U.S.-based sewing jobs–craftspeople and technology working together to create something that has previously been possible for only the elite few.  

A note for our wonderful (and patient!) supporters: After a year of testing out a made-to-measure product process for our Riding Jacket we have concluded that we do not yet have the right partners to proceed. It is disappointing that we cannot yet offer the made-to-measure Riding Jacket for you, though we will continue to pursuit this work.

If you would like to be notified when we have made meaningful progress to bring the made-to-measure Riding Jacket to life, please sign-up here.

 Thank you very much for your support for this tough but important work.



THE PROBLEM: Our current production system for women’s apparel is not designed to fit each woman’s unique body

reid miller_tape measure-10_1280x720 (1).jpg

… AND the waste from excess fabric, sizes & returns is not sustainable


After successfully raising $15k on iFundWomen in October, 2017 to beta-test our custom-made womenswear model, the testing is underway. We have created short videos of each stage of the testing so you can follow along on Instagram. This is a community supported effort for much needed innovation and disruptive change in womenswear. Please spread the word to help us grow our movement to make apparel that values each woman’s unique body.

Photography @ top courtesy of Maria Brubeck