About the 100 Blouses Project


Inspired by the idea that high quality made to measure womenswear can be an engine for job growth in rural America, Reid Miller is conducting a proof of concept with the 100 Blouses Project. The Boss Blouse, developed by founder, Reid Miller, is the first garment to test the concept of using manufacturing technology innovations and local sewing to produce high quality womenswear tailored to each client’s measurements.

Boss Blouse

The performance and quality
craftsmanship of
a men’s dress shirt,
tailored for a women’s form.

The Launch: 100 Blouses

In the Summer of 2021, we finalized the pattern and software for adapting each Boss Blouse pattern to client measurements. In the Fall of 2021 we began producing our first made to measure blouses to test out our production system beginning with a blouse for natural dye master and artist, Anne Tilley of Greensboro, North Carolina, launching the 100 Blouses project to demonstrate the promise of using made to measure womenswear as an engine to bring apparel jobs back to small town America.  The Boss Blouse is currently being produced for a limited group of Founder’s Founder’s Circle clients.