I am writing in search for American values. Reclaiming old ones like hard work, the immigrant story, frugality, sacrifice and new ones like equity of resources, inclusivity, sustainability and an abundance mindset.

I am on the long, slow path of creating my own vision for this sort of work, inspired by the idea that we can use the long-overdue task of making beautiful, made-to-measure apparel for women to bring back jobs in U.S. communities that need them.

I say long and slow, because after buying the fast-paced, start-up craziness and rushing to the finish line, I realized that my vision was for the sort of business that gets built slowly overtime and does not fit in the continuously iterating, networked, product in the cloud mold that often seeks to minimize human and community resource investments.

This blog is a place to share inspiring work people are doing and to share my long journey and learnings around carving a new path that weaves old and new values and walks away from valueless work.